Project Description

Job Name: Sunbeam development – Cork

Client: Rothbury Estates Ltd.

Description: The project involves the creation of a mixed use inner urban precinct and proposes 5 no. buildings with a total of 151 no. residential units, 6000 sqm of retail warehousing, 6300 sqm of office accommodation, 7300 sqm business & technology uses and 4000 sqm of secondary uses, which cater for the needs of the development and animate streets and spaces. A riverside walk is introduced, integrating the development with the riverside amenities of neighbouring developments and the overall vision for the area. The serpentine line of the southern edge of the development is reflecting the natural contour of the river. The development is designed to maximise the benefits of the southern aspect and to provide for sustainable architecture focused upon quality living environments.

Site Area: Area: 2.3 ha